Outlet malls have mixed opinions in the media ranging from “THE” place to a shop to a selection of merchandise sub-par to a regular mall. I’m here to tell you that Tanger Outlets has stepped up the game and changed the way that outlet malls should be perceived.


I had the pleasure of attending the Holiday Tangerstyle VIP event with some fellow bloggers in which we were given the opportunity to shop the mall at our leisure with the tools that they equipped us with. A gift card to the mall lead the charge, but some of the most important tools in our tool belt were the Tangerstyle coupons. These coupons granted 20% off at some of the key stores around the shopping center from Banana Republic to Saks off 5th! Let’s get into what I noticed while shopping the mall. The best thing is that these coupons were not VIP exclusive, you can get yours and save big for the holidays! CLICK HERE to check out the coupons!

I looked into a variety of stores to see what kind of experience shopping the Tanger Outlets in Mebane, NC would be. I found that regardless of where you went, there was a sale. Maybe it was Vineyard Vines hosting a 30% off their woven shirts; of which I picked one up. Columbia doing $5 tee shirts or even Saks with suiting sales to get you into a Versace suit without breaking the bank! Who doesn’t love getting a deal on products? On top of the sales that helped make product more attainable, I found that the selection of product was far greater than I would first have assumed. I will be the first to admit that I am picky in regards to construction, durability and overall value.

While in Columbia I had multiple coupons that were given to me but the first thing I did was ask the associate what I should be looking at today. She was cordial and showed me exactly what sales they were having in store. This information helped guide my shopping experience and lead me to even better deals.

I once heard it say that you should consider value over price.


My favorite find was a Levis light-wash denim jacket on sale and still made from


a substantial denim that would fill all of my needs. The jacket offered value in style, cut, and quality over a jacket that could be found at a cheaper price. Again paying for a quality piece but still finding a great deal is real value!

I was able to pick up a great wool blend baseball cap in olive green and a light beige tee shirt from banana republic for under $20 together after coupons! These pieces are great basics that can be thrown together with chinos for a casual look and taken to new lengths when outfitted accordingly.

Gifts were easy to knock out with the selection at the mall, from boutique feeling women’s stores to eclectic apparel stores it was easy to bounce around

We had the pleasure of running our products through with the Tanger team and they were intrigued by our finds throughout the mall. I came in with loads of product due to the great way that the coupons and in store discounts worked for me.

I will summarize my outlet experience with a few takeaways!

  • You can find quality product if you are willing to look
  • Add essentials to your wardrobe
  • Use all coupons that you can find, this is how to increase value while decreasing price
  • Check online spaces to find what sales are occurring in store
  • Ask the associates what the sales are
  • Use the TangerStyle coupons to save more