dressing down the topcoat

The topcoat is one of my go to pieces this winter. I have been wearing them in a variety of ways and finding that they not only provide a tremendous amount of warmth, but the length that they provide is a great way to break up the typical flow of an outfit.

The topcoat has typically been worn by men looking to warm up in winter over top of their suits. While the topcoat is brilliant for this it has also become a great layering piece for casual outfits.

I love the way that a topcoat adds length to your silhouette. Most men wear shorter coats that hit around the waist or slightly lower, but a topcoat is the perfect way to switch it up.

How to Wear:

Dressing down the topcoat is easy when you recognize that it doesn’t have to be the staple coat for your suits. One of my go to looks has been a hoodie underneath the topcoat. This look not only dresses up your considerably casual outfit, but also dresses down the topcoat. I will forever love balancing highs and lows.

If you want to consider some more casual layers try these outfits topped off with your topcoat:

  • tee-shirt and a denim jacket
  • casual sweater
  • un-tucked button down/flannel

Here are a couple of ways that I have worn the topcoat so far!

Topcoat Outfit - Keys to Style Topcoat Outfit - Keys to Style Topcoat Outfit - Keys to Style

Here are some additional looks:

How do you wear your topcoat? Have you broken them out on the weekends?

Go give it a shot!