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Maybe you are wondering what’s hot right now in the world of men’s style and what is happening with the summer trends. The weather certainly is; dressing for it is what we are interested in!

I am going to dive in to 5 things that I am seeing on trend this summer. These are trends that you guys can pick up, style and bring your looks to the next level.

1. Pleated Pants

For a few years pleated pants were pushed out of the scene to make room for the flat front to shine. The pants never truly went away due to the sartorial masters keeping true to the style and tying together perfectly outfitted suits. The pleated pants are back for summer and one trend worth jumping on!

You can now buy a pair of pleated pants with single pleats, double, suiting options or drop crotch chinos. With all these options, it is good to keep in mind the taller you are the better the pleated pants will look. Utilize the pleated pant with a pair of clean sneakers and a T-Shirt to really dress up a casual look, or pair them with your summer-weight blazer for a night on the town.

2. Cuban Collar Shirts

Cuban collar shirts are characterized by their open notch-like lapel, straight cut hem and almost always come short-sleeved. These shirts are straight from the 50’s and were the choice of shirting for the working class in the USA. My family actually comes from Cuba so these shirts were regularly in my viewing and I must say my Grandma wore them better than I ever will!

Here are some options for how to style them:

Throw the shirt underneath a linen blazer
Pair it with your favorite pair of chinos or slacks tucked in
Wear it un-tucked with shorts or rolled chinos

3. Breton Tops

One of the most versatile and practical pieces that you should have in your rotation is the classic Breton striped shirt. These tops are typically cotton with blue “sailor” stripes which was brought into circulation by the French Navy in 1858.

These tops are as necessary as a good pair of jeans and a blazer in your wardrobe. There are some great options out there but here are some ways that you can put them together both dressed up or down!

How to wear:

4. Light Knitwear

When the sun begins to set and the summer heat lets up a little we are able to pull out that light knit top. Think your lightest sweater. These tops are generally characterized by a more open gauge weave that allows the fabric to breathe in the heat.

These pieces can provide great texture to your outfit while not weighing you down. Push up the sleeves and pair them with shorts when things heat up or throw it on under a jacket for your evening adventures.

Take some of these trends into the Summer and see how you can style them. Think about the history of the pieces and how you can bring them into 2017. Stay cool out there!